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Fridholm’s is proud to Introduce Melissa Holmes
Interior Design Specialist

Melissa Holmes, experienced Interior Designer


  • Color consultation
  • Room layout
  • Lighting
  • Flooring selection
  • Faux finishes and wallpaper
  • Cabinetry selection
  • Hardware
  • Fixtures
  • Tile selection and layout
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Furniture and Accessory Shopping


Nowadays, many homes have an open concept floor plan where one room flows to another. A color consultation with an experienced designer will provide a selection of colors that achieve distinct character for each space while maintaining a flowing coordinated look from room to room. Melissa considers your existing furnishings, desired look, sun orientation to the room, as well as size and scale when suggesting colors for the area.


A design consultation for room layout is to determine how best to capitalize on the existing square footage of the considered space to best meet the functionality and design needs of the Client by taking into consideration the focal points of a room. Melissa will assist the Client in considering traffic patterns, seating placement, color, patterns/texture, so users of the room can comfortably enjoy the resulting view intended based on key selected focal points.


Faux and decorative painting can add a richness to walls, ceilings, and cabinets that plain paint cannot. The result can add artistry, character, and in some cases, durability to the finished surface area. Consider a stairwell area that generally receives a higher degree of wall abuse…..a faux finish can be quite forgiving in hiding imperfections. If an acrylic glaze is selected as the finish, it is more durable than paint and can be cleaned with a common household cleaner. Most faux finish products make it easy to touch up areas as well.

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